In Person Only




In Person Only

During this 3-week intensive, Julia Cameron will be teaching a blend of her two writing books: The Right to Write and Write for Life.

She will lead an exploration of the fundamental tools that make a writing life possible:

  • Morning Pages
  • Artist Dates
  • Walking
  • and Guidance

Moving on from the fundamentals, she will teach how writing is not dependent on our mood.

Contrary to our mythology, which tells us that writers need special times, special places, and even special pens, we will learn how to write anytime, any place.

Using a wide variety of tools drawn from both books and her own writer’s experience, she will free our writers.

We will take time during each session for questions and answers.

Expect to dismantle your negative, culturally-induced beliefs around writing – and yourself!

Writing can be fun, easy, and positive.

Drawing on fifty-five years of writing experience, Julia will guide you into a more fulfilled writing practice.

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