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In this pragmatic, instantly applicable communications class, you’ll learn how to educate others about physical and mental health and empower choices that could help them live longer, happier, healthier lives!

Using practical examples and her training from WebMD and Cleveland Clinic, Meredith will teach you the basics of vital skills you could use for a new career!

Your words could save lives!

You will learn how to:

  • Transform scientific research into content digestible by a 7th grader
  • Research physical and mental health symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and more
  • Add compassion and empathy to content about hard facts
  • Use your creativity to teach
  • Design a career as a professional health and wellness writer

No prior writing experience is required!

A college education helps, but you don’t need an advanced degree to write about health!

Are you talking about writing those complicated, boring medical journals?

Nope! You’ll find this type of writing in articles on hospital websites, blog posts for magazines, news reports, posters in your doctor’s office, those TVs in a hospital waiting room, books for non professionals, and more!

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